The new Honda RC213V-S

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That long-awaited moment has come : Honda RC213V presented-S road model inspired by the competition MotoGP machine.
And although it looks as very nice motorcycle, the specifications are not special.
“Nothing special” in this case is a relative term, since it is certainly not an underpowered, but it should be mentioned that was speculated of the possible 200 hp and market racing with BMW S1000RR and 1199/1299 Panigale.
This race we wouldn’t see for sure.
The company stated that they are able to produce a copy by day, but stressed that it will only be for personal order.

If you have a surplus of 200,000 euros, will have to wait until 13 July, when the work starts, when new site dedicated to the Honda new machine is going to work.

Technical Features

With a maximum of 159 hp at 11,000 / min, we suspect that the RC213V-S is able to close the aforementioned Bavarians, regardless of the MotoGP technology which brings in itself.
True, there is a race package, which delivers 215 hp and increases torque from 102 Nm to 10 500 r / min to 118 Nm at the same engine speed.
It is not known how much will cost an additional package, but will probably affect the overall price increase.

Description and Design

When it comes to weight, the RC213V-S is not as impressive machine as we expected.
The basic version is a heavy 170 pounds (the tank), while the racing package loses 10 kg.
This is still less than the MotoGP machine, which at the end of the race has 158 kilograms.
Many expected that Honda will try to make the machine easier than Ducati Superleggera, which is heavy only 155 kilograms.


Honda announced the prices.
In Japan, it is 21.9 million yen (about 158,000 euros), in the US 184,000 dollars (163,000 euros), in Australia 224,000 dollars (155,000 euros), while in Europe Honda RC213V-S is the most expensive- starting price is 188,000 euros.


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