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2015 Honda F1 Engine

Honda F1 Engine

Known long ago that the big Honda next year’s returns in this prestigious competition, and Honda’s return plan is a very careful and deliberate.

Honda expects success in Formula 1

2015 honda formula 1

The following season, Honda returned to Formula 1, and the head of the Department of Development Jasuhisa Arai claims that Honda’s F1 team will be able to compete with the dominant Mercedes this season.

2015 Honda F1 Engine

2015 Honda F1 Engine

Honda has released a new F1 engine. The engine was developed for the 2015 season, where Honda will participate in the framework of a joint project with McLaren. Manabu Nishimae, president of Honda Motor Europe Ltd.

Honda wants victory

2015 honda formula 1

Honda will the next season returns to Formula 1 as an engine supplier, but announced a battle to the top of the cars Mclaren.

Honda rewarded!

Honda Auto Show Geneva 2014

Honda company has received the prestigious award at Cannes. This festival is one of the most famous in the field of advertising and communications. Honda Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna system this time won.

2015 Honda Formula 1

honda formula 1

Honda will return in 2015 to participate in the Formula 1 races through its partner McLaren. Honda is the first time participated in 1964 years at the former German Grand Prix, as the Honda R & D Company. Honda 2006 changed its name to the Honda Racing F1 Team, but already 2008th leaving Formula 1 Honda has decided to return to the tournament in 2015 year McLaren team.