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2015 Honda Accord and 2015 Honda CR-V Exosition

honda accord

Honda has today opened a free exhibition of the latest cars in several European cities. Interested visitors will on this occasion be able to test models of CR-V and Accord by the model year 2015. These models have recently been presented in the final version, and now they are ready for market.

Honda FR-V

Honda FR-V

Honda FR-V is Honda’s old model, which was produced until 2010, after which it ceased its production. Successor to the Honda S-MX which was released last produced in 2002 in this car, three people can be placed into the first row of seats. To achieve this, the manufacturer had to give up classical and massive center console and classic shifters, which would be placed between the front seats. Gearshift lever is, in fact had to be housed next to the instrument panel, as it was in the cult model Renault 4.

2015 Honda Civic Tourer is a Comfor Car

2015 Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Accord Tourer for the year 2015 is one of the most conformable cars with large load of whom can fit 18 people. Honda is proud of the space in the trunk of the new Accord Tourer models, and it is shown in an unusual way.

Honda Fit and Honda Accord Recall

honda fit honda accord

Almost all models of the Honda Fit and Honda Accord which are produced in the period since 2000. 2005 will be recalled during the 2014 years.

Honda Civic Type R got a new design

Honda Civic Type R got a new design

Honda has unveiled a new teaser for the latest model of the Honda Civic Type R, the new look is more futuristic, more aggressive and more beautiful.