Reviews New Concept Honda 2 & 4 Project

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During the Festival of Speed in Goodwood Honda captured the imagination of all speeds addicts with increased amount of gasoline in the blood because it was on this occasion announced the concept of single-seater that could be classed as racing car legal for street use.
The design concept is largely reminiscent of the cars from the lower series, especially cars from Formula 3 championship.
Project 2 & 4 can be placed in the category of cars similar structure to Caterham Super 7 KTM X-BOW, Caparo T1, the BAC Mono, and even Lamborghini Egoist and Tramontana XTR could be incorporated in this outfit unusual for street racers.
Yet judging by the teaser image Reviews New Concept Honda 2 & 4 Project is most similar to Ariel Atom models, although it is the best example to compare with Formula Ford road car concept.

Description and Design

Here is the review of decription and design.
For now, there is not much precise information about this radical concept of “hardcore” racer for the street, what may be implied by current renders is that it is a car with an open wheel, single-seater structure, without the “canopy” (canopy), which tells us that helmet will be mandatory equipment.
Let’s remind that the legendary John Surtees (John Surtees) on September 10, 1967, triumphed at the Italian Grand Prix which was driven on the race track “Autodromo Nazionale Monza”, seated behind the wheel of the Honda RA 300 F1 car with a V12 engine.

Technical characteristics

The unit is mounted centrally behind the driver’s back, and in front of the rear axle.
Mechanical heart is borrowed from Honda’s Grand Prix motorcycles that is competing in the Moto GP championship, namely with replicas of motorcycles that will be made in a limited edition and will be able to be used in regular traffic.
It is about V4 machine volume of one liter whose power depends on the “Power Commander” and may reach the figure of 250 hp, and is directly taken from the Honda RC-213 VS motorcycle.
The concept was designed in cooperation between Honda’s motorcycle design center at Asaki and at Honda’s automobile design centerin Wako.
The color scheme on Reviews New Concept Honda 2 & 4 Project is an homage to Honda’s F1 racing machines from the period of the sixties and probably the “tribute” that is tied to celebrate the first victory in the championship of Formula 1 which happened almost 50 years ago.


honda 2

Reviews New Concept Honda 2 & 4 Project

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Reviews New Concept Honda 2 & 4 Project

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