2014 Honda Grom

2014 Honda Grom

Honda has unveiled another refreshment in their motorcycle world. Popular sports model Grom receive their version of the 2014 year.

Honda Accord uncertain for the European market

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

The Japanese automaker has not yet issued a final decision whether to offer customers a new generation of so-called European versions of the Accord. If the car gets green light for production, should not be expected to appear on the market before the 2016th year.

Honda Civic Type R on test

honda civic type r 2015

The concept of the Civic Type R was observed in Nürburgring where a trial of strength with direct hot hatch competition C-segment.

2014 Honda CR-V Elegance

Honda CR-V Elegance 2014

Honda has unveiled the Elegance package for the latest CR-V model. The new CRV can now be combined with the 4X4 platform and with the 2.0 engine is also available Lifestyle package.

2014 Honda Dio

2014 honda dio

Honda has present new Dio model for 2014 year. This model has last time redesigned in 1999. year, but Honda now has made a total new modernized Dio scooter.

2014 Honda CB 1100

2014 Honda CB 1100

Honda was last month unveiled the latest CB model for year 2014. This is the first in a series of motorcycles from 1100 cubic, who is Honda prepared for the year 2014.

2015 Honda NM4 Vultus

Honda NM4 Vultus

There has announced a new superbike motorcycle, but they are all unique pieces produced in a limited edition. In contrast, Honda NM4 vultus is a commercial product, while at the same time seems like a limited edition superbike.

Delayed production of 2015 Honda S660

2015 Honda S660

Honda has already announced that it will manufacture the new S660 models start over 2014 years, but Honda has postponed the start of production of this model, and production will begin during 2015.

Honda cars are the most reliable the UK

2014 Honda Jazz S

Honda Jazz for the year 2014 has been declared the most reliable cars in its class. This model also applies to the most reliable cars in the whole country.

2015 Honda Spirior

2015 Honda Spirior

Honda will at the Motor Show in Beijing to present the latest Spirior Concept. This concept serves as an announcement for the serial model, in this case it will be a new generation of sedans Spirior.