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2015 Honda F1 Engine

Honda F1 Engine

Known long ago that the big Honda next year’s returns in this prestigious competition, and Honda’s return plan is a very careful and deliberate.



HHT25SLTA is one of the best Honda trimmer, was introduced in late 2012, is located in the free market and is very popular among customers. The price is quite satisfactory, as the cost smao $ 349. This model is presented, together with HHT35SLTA model, which is a little stronger.

Honda BF 2.3 Outboard Engine

Honda BF 2.3 Outboard

Honda has recently introduced a new engine for boats. It is BF2.3, one of the world’s lightest four-stroke outboard motora.BF2.3 is so easy. The engine is a two-stroke and develops a total of 2 horse power, no batteries.

Successful flight of Honda Jet Model

HondaJet HA-420 front

Manufacturing company Honda aircraft successfully tested its first aircraft, intended production titled Honda Jet. The tests were performed in the American state of North Carolina, where the seat of the plant and represents a new step that leads to a successful premiere in 2015.

2014 Honda ASIMO

New Honda ASIMO

Honda is in Brussels unveiled the latest version of ASIMO robot. Honda’s engineers hope to this robot will help people in need, it also has several significant technological advantages over its predecessors. Some of the advantages of the advanced intelligence, enhanced the feeling in your hands, the possibility of opening the bottle, pouring drinks or expression in sign language, the ability to run faster, easier climbing and descending stairs, hopping on one leg and jumping.

New Honda Jet Tested!

HondaJet HA-420

Honda has conducted tests of the latest models of Honda Jet, which is streamed from the 2006th year. This is the first Japanese aircraft that was fully developed by a private company without state support, conveyed the ITAR tas.

HondaJet HA-420

HondaJet HA-420 front

Honda’s first jet produced eighties of the last century, now has developed its technology and we have a modern Honda Jet.

Honda HRX2172VKA


HRX217VKA is one of the better lawnmower from this class. High quality, nicely designed, with sharp and strong cutters, one of the most popular Honda lawnmower.

Honda Mean Mower are the fastest Lawnmower in the world

honda moan mower

Piers Ward from the British magazine Top Gear is on track in Spain with Honda Mean Mover achieve the average speed of 187.6 km/h and to set a new Guinness speed record for lawnmowers, previous record from 2010. Amounted to 141.34 km/ h.

Honda UMK 435 E2

Honda UMK 435 E2

Honda string trimmer, characterized by a perfect ratio of the weight and power of the machine 0 26 kW/kg, ease of administration, quiet operation, robustness and rich standard equipment (double handle, mowing head, three-way blade, double huckepack belt, safety glasses, tool).