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2015 Honda Stream

2015 Honda Stream

Honda announced the latest Stream model for 2015 year. This model is one of the best Honda models. The model is presented in a concept version but will not differ from the final version. It is expected that it will have great popularity and a good sale, after being introduced to the market during 2015.

2014 Acura TL

2014 Acura TL

Honda has recently unveiled the latest Acura TL model for 2014 year. This is one of the best Acura sedans, produced for a long time and always recorded success and popularity. This model is oriented sports sedan that balance between style, luxury and dynamic performance in one unique way.

2017 Honda S2000

2015 Honda S2000

Honda has unveiled a plan for a new concept named S2000. This will be a coupe model based on early Honda Roadster model. This model was produced from the 1999th year and the last was produced in June 2009th year, but Honda now wants to rebuild this model with new name S2000, which will have a second version of the Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition.

2015 Honda NSX Concept

2015 Honda NSX

New Honda NSX was taken to test the Nirburgring, and it is expected that this hybrid supercar to be ready for market during the 2015th year.

2015 Honda CR-Z

2015 Honda CR-Z

2014 Honda CR-Z is the latest Honda CR Z model that will be sold in Europe, namely Honda has decided to withdraw this model to the European market in Europe, but this model is not extinct, is currently represented by a new version of the Honda CR-Z for 2015 year which will be sold in the Asian market. The new CR-Z model no significant changes compared to last year.

2015 Honda ARX-04b LMP2

Honda ARX-04b LMP2

Honda has promoted its new-running vehicle ARX-04b LMP2 Coupe which was jointly developed by Honda Performance Development and Wirth Research.

2015 Honda P-NUT

Honda P-NUT

Honda is still at 2009 Auto Show in Los Angeles, presented a concept car P-NUT, however, has not been realized. It is expected that the production of this concept begin during 2015.

2015 Honda S 1000 vs 2015 Porsche Boxster E

honda s 1000

The latest Honda S 1000, achieved great popularity with their appearance in early 2014 year. Its biggest competitor will be the latest model Porsche Boxster E for 2015 year.

2015 Honda FCEV

2015 Honda FCEV

Honda is at the Motor Show in Tokyo unveiled the latest FCEV concept for the year 2015. This concept is one of the first Honda model to fuel cells.

2015 Honda Concept S

Honda Concept S

Honda Concept S is a futuristic-looking car, which is designed as a combination of multipurpose vehicles and hatchback model. Concept was present on Auto Show in Beijing.